wow its all been kicking off ,some one has been borrowing jimiyos work without asking,

a collab jimiyo did with aj dimarucot has been used as part of a larger picture in an exibition/show of works in NYC sept 30th and a silent but powerfull protest was held ,

it is great that the art work of our jimiyo is wanted greatly by so called bigger artists but still there is a proper way to go about aquireing someone elses design.

jimiyo we all love your work but wouldnt go around stealing it without your say so,

i think the demonstation/protest was great its cool to see so much support,

what if anything has happened to the offending artist ?

here is a link to the full story if you would like a read of it,also jimio has a link on his facebook ofcourse.

ok guys thats all i got on it if you guys no any more then get it on here,

i dont want to be incorrect in my information so let me no if anything is wrong and ofcourse i will add or retract as appropriate,

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    198 weeks ago

    Go read that.
    It's a silent attack.
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    198 weeks ago
    thats pretty much the same as i put up fuzzy ,but thanks for the link,

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