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Hey there Furians!! My good friend gave the basis for this design and I dedicate this one to you, rtofirefly a.k.a. Randy Smith.
Kid luke and Leia playing the greatest classic of all time, PONG (which I have the privilege and fun to play with when I was a little kid) So, I decided to make Vader 'Death Star's #1 Father', as in "I'm your FATHER, Luke" and wanted to use Father nstead of the common 'Dad' to mae a stronger reference to the quote.

That's it, hope you guys enjoy it and *cross fingers* Teefury wants to make of this a live one 8)


Mock up


Vader's detail

Leia's detail

Luke's detail

Not copletely sure about tee color, any suggestions? Thanks!

Peace out!
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    185 weeks ago
    I love it man, it sings to the varying degrees of nerd within me. I personally wouldn't change a thing
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    185 weeks ago
    Thanks dude! and for being the first one in posting a comment (specially when you love this, haha) you have been selected as a possible winner of this tee!! (IF it gets printed, that is 8D)

    So, if you know someone else who would like to rock this one out, please help me spread the word 8)

    I'm leaving this one until the end of this day and subbing it, hopefully the Teefurian gods will look down mercifully at me and make this one happen 8D
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    185 weeks ago
    Seems luke needs to start using the force, he is down 3-0 D:

    very nice, I think the simplicity works well. And the baby blue tee color works I think.

    Thumbs Up :D
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    185 weeks ago
    Thanks man, I appreciate it 8)
    Yeah, Luke needs to get his force together, haha.
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    185 weeks ago
    i love the idea and it is done really well but can i ask one question and please dont shoot me or anything but i dont understand why pong and vader what is the link and why does vader have pong on his chest,am i missing something,i feel really bad for sounding really off about it dont get me wrong it looks great i just wondered why.please explain dan and dont be mad at me ,cheers mate.
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    185 weeks ago
    Hey Dippy! don't worry about it, everyone has the right to doubt about this 8)
    The original idea (which my good friend rtofirefly gave me) was to make Vader's chest control panel as a gaming station and make it look like you could play Space Invaders and the first title was "Space In Vader's" and then I thought why not give it a spin and have kids Luke and Leia playing Space Invaders and the actual Vader having a blast with his children. But having the tiy invaders in the already small chest panle wasn't really working for me so I thought PONG is an all time classic video game and SW is an all time classic movie and why not using an all time classic "World's #1 Dad" title for it so, there you go.
    I really hope it makes sense to you now 8)
    Thanks a lot for sharing your thoughts. Cheers!

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