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rss 200 weeks ago
Hello everyone,

I have only just recently found TeeFury, and I have already purchased 5 shirts in the last two weeks! Unfortunately, I have missed countless tees. I know it is unrealistic to get some of the older prints, but there are some from the last month or so that I would LOVE to get my hands on. I will be buying three for the grab bags in hopes I can get some, but if I cant, I would love to see if anyone has any of the following for sale (Mens 1x or 2x):

Still Needs the Vision
Major League Zombie
Twenty O Clock
Chouette Fresaie
Ode to the Wild Things

**PS.... can i purchase multiple orders of three grab bag???

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    200 weeks ago
    You can purchase as many orders as you want, from my understanding.

    There is some sort of bug with the "new" system, and it in not calculating shipping correctly, or allowing people to order more than 3 shirts, I think.

    I guess I could be wrong, but it seems like something is wonky at this time.

    Anyway, no, nothing keeping you from ordering multiple orders.
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    200 weeks ago
    Mor expensive I know but here is my shirt for sale here on Redbubble
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    200 weeks ago
    ouch, 25 bucks... totally worth it though, I'll be buying it tonight!

    keep up the good work : )

    *omg, now I have to change my profile...and I just got it right...
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    200 weeks ago
    thanks :)

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