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rss 201 weeks ago
Okay, so I've had this idea for a while.. ever since scientists have decided to ruin my childhood by first taking away Pluto and now taking away the triceratops. =P

I dont know if I want to use THIS image for this idea, though, or if I wanna make a more cartoonized version and use this one for something else.. but I'll see what ya'll think. And keep in mind, it's not done yet. Still have more shading to add yet. =)

I'm not entirely sure what I want the words to be yet.

I've got to ideas for 'em right now, though any suggestions would be oodles helpful.

Idea 1- 'Triceratops - Science, Myth, or Magic?'

Idea 2- 'I'm not a dinosaur either!'

What do you guys think? =D

Awww.. sad. Tail got cut off. Here's the link to the full image:

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