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rss 202 weeks ago
So I was filling out the info to get a size Small "Headphone" tee. I realized I was limited on time as it was 8:58 or so. Just as I hit SUBMIT, it just went to the home page. Does this mean my order didn't place? :(

Oh, and I ordered a sticker pack too... :/
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    202 weeks ago
    Did you get the confirmation screen and a confirmation email? If not email TeeFury support.
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    202 weeks ago
    Eeep! Quick on the finger one must be.

    You can try support. The best thing in the world is to *BUY* when you're on the fence about getting a shirt.

    I tell you, my favorite shirts are the ones I never got. *chuckle*

    Well, sorta. You know that feeling. My other half saw somebody the other day wearing the New Dr. Who shirt while he was workin at the deli. He stopped the guy and said "Hey! My friend has that exact same shirt!" So, they got into a discussion about shirts for a bit and now I'm hoping I can drag them into the forums!

    Local Fury Fans! I love that!

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