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rss 189 weeks ago
Hey everybody! Not sure if this is the right place to go about this, I'm pretty new.

So I logged on tonight and saw Cloned to Kill for about 30 seconds before it was gone. I was wondering if anyone was selling? I've only got one other TeeFury shirt, so tradings not really an option. If you're up to parting with this shirt, please, do tell! Preferably, a girls small or medium.

Thank you!

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    189 weeks ago
    I'm sure D4N13L will put it up on his Redbubble soon as a DTG print, but otherwise you're most likely to be able to trade after the next grab bag, whenever that may be.
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    188 weeks ago
    Hey museful!
    this is my RedBubble link to the shirt:
    Available on baby clothes, teeshirts, hoodies and stickers :o)

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