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rss 292 weeks ago
So, I like browsing the artist portfolio links when I have time. I love how there is such a huge variety of artists and tastes, it makes looking through all their sites interesting. Because I browse through all of them, I have both a comment and a request.

One, some of the artist links don't work. One example is the link for eyeslikesugar. There are a few others.

Two, although I've checked teefury off and on since early August, I think I missed some great stuff before checking regularly. Because of that, I don't know if you've printed something from these artists but could you please print something from Draco, Huebucket, Kristen Stein and Jon Turner. There is quite a few more that I would like to see, but I figure I can give it a little bit before requesting more.

That's all, thanks!
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    292 weeks ago
    Also, I haven't seen this artist here (but I know Kristen Stein can find them), I'd like to see something by the artist who designed this shirt (or this piece if when possible).
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    292 weeks ago
    I've been meaning to say they should print Draco too, he has some awesome designs!

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