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rss 203 weeks ago

So one of my best friends birthday's is next week, and I have the perfect present for him! (I just can't find it!) He's obsessed with Hunter S. Thompson, and I'm trying to find either of the Shirts that were featured here on tee fury (Men's Small)... The first one was by: Randy McQuien Jr. (posted around August last year)
The second one was by: T*Hawk (March of this year)

I've tried contacting artists, Ebay, Tee Trade, Redbubble, and even Cafe Press.... Nothing has come through. If anyone can help I would greatly appreciate it! Thanks guys!
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    203 weeks ago
    Might be worth contacting those artists directly- they have the rights to the artwork, and might be willing to put the art up on Cafepress/Redbubble/etc for you for a limited time :)
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    203 weeks ago
    I did... to no avail... :(

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