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rss 203 weeks ago
Hello Everybody! This is my second post about the Chiquita Banana Design Contest and we are coming up on week two of voting!

I'm one of 50 finalist in the "Chiquita Banana Design a Sticker" Contest. The winning 18 stickers will be printed on sold on banana's around the world. I've got about 300 votes right now and the design in the lead has over 1600! So please take a few seconds and and follow the link below and vote for my sticker (again if you like it of course)

Tell your friends, re-post the link. Thanks for all the votes and support so far!!



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    203 weeks ago
    I've been voting every day since your first post. Just copy and paste the link. I vote for yours and a few of the underdogs like the octi one. I personally think some of the highest voted ones are...bleck.

    VOTE here.

    Maybe that will help lazy people that don't want to copy/paste and prefer a nice clickable link.
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    203 weeks ago
    This is really neat! I've bookmarked it so I can vote for you every day too. Congrats on making it that far! Your sticker is really, really cute.
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    203 weeks ago
    Bumping this up so more people can see this while at the top.
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    202 weeks ago
    @mas69teredward I did copy and past the link, I don't know why its not showing up as something you can click on?
    If you have a smart phone you can vote from there as well I found out!

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