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rss 207 weeks ago
I love daily tees and I go over to Teemagnet at least once a day. I go on this morning and see this as Shirt.Woot's daily tee -

Am I missing something, or is that taking a shot at Teefury? I am a much bigger fan of Teefury than Shirt.Woot (30 purchased tees vs. 2), and if this is a shot at Teefury, it seems quite rude. (Team Teefury all the way!)

People on .Woot were comparing it to "Yelling Bird", a comic on Questionable Content. But the artist himself denied that saying,

"I can see where people could draw comparisons but this design was in no way, shape or form inspired by Yelling Bird. The concept, like most of my tee concepts, is a simple interpretation of a simple idea."

Any thoughts/opionion?
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    207 weeks ago
    Ha! Wow, I didn't think of it that way at all, but I see what you mean. I think it's more about the trend in general of having birds on shirts, because there are times (at Woot, DBH and otherwise) when it seems like every design getting printed has a bird in it somewhere.

    The artist is a cool guy, though (I believe he has a TeeFury print coming up!), so if he did have TeeFury in mind with this idea I'm sure it was intended as gentle mocking rather than mean-spirited :)
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    207 weeks ago
    What MJ said.

    Lunchboxbrain is a nice fellah. That bird shirt has been around for a while. It's been submitted to Teefury as well. It's more a commentary on design trends. I feel like theres a DBH shirt that has a whole list of trends and takes a jab at them.


    10 We used to get the all we print is birds comment a long time ago.

    20 Now those same people just comment that they miss the old days.

    And we if printed more birds shirts like the olden days,

    30 Goto 10.
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    207 weeks ago
    Yeah. What MJ and Jimiyo said.
    If they wanted to take a stab at TeeFury, it would have at least been clever and more Straight to the point.

    KHAAAAAAAN. I can't continue the binary.

    25 (I used to do weird numbers to make my teacher mad)

    25 if x=lame comment delete

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