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rss 207 weeks ago
Since Andyg's interview seemed to spark the fury of TeeFurians here and abroad (feeling a bit sorry for the talented fellow, although I agree that his sarcastic humor was a bit misplaced), I would like to interject by saying how very appropriate it is to spend your money wisely and think about what your currency is supporting. Much like a political vote, each time you spend your currency on a product or service, you support the philosophy of the company and individuals that produce the commodity. A company will not readily reveal whether or not it supports unethical practices to increase profits; however, there are resources available to help you become an informed consumer. The responsibility lies with you.

I am an informed, cruelty-free consumer and I support this message.

(Tracy steps down from her podium while the audience cheers. Though some throw pesticide-laden tomatoes in her direction, her resolve remains unaffected.)

Have a wonderful day, friends!

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