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rss 195 weeks ago

So I have a confession... I being the bibliophile I am I'm quite obsessed with Alice in Wonderland. I saw the new movie, and was very pleased with it.

This being said are any of you awesome artists out there working on any Alice shirts? I'm talking about anything form the original two books to the new movie. (Not a fan of the disney version)

I know the Artist Pe has been printed several time, and he had an excellent Alice piece. I even bought his "Imagination" shirt because it reminded me of AIWL.

So let us see what you've got... please?
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    195 weeks ago
    loveing alice in wonderland and even though i absolutely love jonny depp i wasnt feeling the new movie myself,good luck on your hunt,make sure you keep some mushroom in your pocket to aide you on your journey,
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    195 weeks ago
    I just saw one featured on Redbubble by bubbleboy12. Here's the link:
    bubbleboy12 - Redbubble
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    195 weeks ago
    I hated the new movie....I hope your shirt hunt is much more exciting than that train wreck.

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