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rss 307 weeks ago
Hi TeeFury Members! I am a member of my local highschool's HOSA Club and we need your help! HOSA is a student organization whose mission is to promote career opportunities in health care and to enhance the delivery of quality health care to all people. My school's HOSA chapter does many things each school-year to help the community and the school and our funding has been greatly cut due to some changes at the Board of Education. Each year we try to Adopt A Grandparent at Christmas who otherwise would not get any gifts. We also do a teacher appreciation week, HOSA week, Operation Germ Warfare, Relay for Life, Autism Speaks, and so much more! If any of you out there would like to donate any amount of money, please check out this site:

Now, if we do not reach our goal, then your credit card will NOT be charged! So if we reach the goal, then you will have helped a great organization. If we do not, then we appreciate your support and will try again in the future.

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