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rss 210 weeks ago
So, I was going to contact teefury about this question.. but I already did a week or two ago.

Does anyone know if there are some sort of guidelines for design submissions?
I don't mean what can be submitted, I'm more thinking along the lines of where and when.

Like if you submit a design someplace else, like anothersite of Design BY Humans or something like that, should you not submit it here, and vice-versa?

Hopefully it's not too stupid of a question.

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    210 weeks ago
    The "submit" page answers your questions, and your design remains your own to do what you wish with.
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    210 weeks ago
    Be sure that you also look at the requirements of those other sites, if you've submitted there- many sites have a period after submission (usually 60 to 90 days) during which you can't use your work elsewhere.
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    210 weeks ago
    Thanks so much both of ya'll.

    I kept looking to the FAQ page for answers. Guess I shoulda opened my eyes a bit wider. =D

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