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rss 212 weeks ago
Soooo I've been around a bit but felt compelled to share some photos to get to know the communitee more ^^ Since the other posts are huge and I think I have this photo posting thing down, I thought I would start a new thread. Alright Im gunna try this out, here goes...


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    212 weeks ago
    My name's jacob.
    I like sweet things.
    I suggest that everyone make their image size something manageable.
    This is 500x375 pixels.

    so that everyone knows how to do this
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    212 weeks ago
    Haha yeah that was huge. Im still new to this :p How do you resize? Im using photobucket. Do you just resize before you link it? I tried to go through that html link but I can barely understand anything haha
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    212 weeks ago
    Yeah, you resize before linking.
    I believe there is a resizing function in the photobucket editing area, but I'm not sure. It's been ages since I've used it.

    The link can be confusing. You have to be in a "sit down, read, and understand smurf" kind of a mood.

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