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rss 214 weeks ago
Hi there!

I've just recently been introduced to Tee Fury and love the site and the shirts! Already bought three shirts and with two friends combined we have 12 grab bags on the way :)

Only problem is that as I live in Europe it costs me $9 for the shipping on every shirt, which basically doubles the price. I realize that what I'm about to propose could be a lot of work, however it'd help international customers with the same problem and I'd like to hear your stance on this:

Why not let customers accumulate a couple of bought shirts before shipping them? Let's say I like todays shirt. I buy it, it shows up in a list of bought items, and when I have a certain number of shirts on my account I pay for the shipping and you guys send it to me. Three shirts would definitely work as they ship for the same price as one. Of course I'd be willing to pay more than $9 for a shirt as it effectively still cost me less than the $18 I pay for them at the moment.

What do you guys think, would this be a possibility for the future improvement of the site?


Oh and sorry if this has been brought up before...
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    214 weeks ago
    I totally understand what you are saying, I bought 2 shirts a week apart and ironically they both turned up on the same day in two different bags. It did feel a bit silly as they could have been sent together for the same postage. personally I wouldn't want to wait for ages for shirts but if they were within 7 days of each other a 'add to previous order' option on the postage would be good.
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    214 weeks ago
    I'd love to have the option for combining orders but I understand as mentioned in previous threads to this, that having to "store" your shirts for later delivery could cause storage issues.

    So for now Teefury is great the way it is.
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    214 weeks ago
    Yeah that's what I was afraid of :\ Oh well...

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