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Hi all,

I know many of you are artistically inclined, and so I wanted to get some suggestions on an art project that I could work on throughout the summer. I have a great appreciation for art, but unfortunately I don't think I'm too creative.

I'd love to do something hands on-- like building something out trash or constructing something out of photographs (more than the average collage). Do you guys have anything in your own homes? Seen something online that you can show me?

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    201 weeks ago
    Have you checked out BDParmer's post about the Tree/wall thing?
    link -->
    Im doing that over the summer : )
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    201 weeks ago
    if you're looking for good "found art" subjects, go dumpster diving at your local college when kids get out for the summer. So much quality stuff that kids toss out.
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    201 weeks ago
    Yes! I took a look a the Tree Art and I thought it was amazing! I'm looking into doing something like that. Who knows, I might give that a shot.

    I guess it would be something like found art, although not necessarily with junk or trash. Maybe with crafty things, like wires, cloth, or things like that. For example, my friend made a windmill out of wires and then used hardened cloth to make flowers to put on the windmill.

    I will try to get some pictures to demonstrate things that I'd like to do and/or are what inspire me.

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