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rss 296 weeks ago
Hello fellow Fury-ers,

I have a problem.

After clicking the shiny "BUY NOW!" button I am taken to the order page, after inserting all the necessary information and pressing the unnecessarily large button I get an error.

It goes something along the lines of not being able to process an order for no amount (ie. there's nothing in my cart).

So I tried to click the buy now button again and I notice that on the right hand side it says "0 "The Sad Song" Tee Fury tee(s)." So obviously having 0 "The Sad Song" Tee's in my cart would inhibit my ability to check out.

Am I doing something wrong?

Let me know!
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    296 weeks ago
    I'm an idiot, nevermind.
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    296 weeks ago
    I'm guessing you did not specify a size above the afformentioned shiny button. I'd guess that will fix your problem.
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    296 weeks ago
    Yeah, that's exactly it.

    Anyway, I was just kidding about the whole thing! It was just a test...

    ...and you passed! Congrats!
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    295 weeks ago
    haha glad to know i'm not alone! in my haste to purchase the jelly bot tee i also forgot to choose a size and was getting frustrated as to why it wouldn't let me finalize my order. needless to say, i felt preeeeetttty dumb when i noticed the problem. i'm gonna blame it on being distracted by the unnecessarily large button., that's what happened...

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