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rss 204 weeks ago
Hi there,

I've had at least 5 people contact me in regard to trading for the Owlnaut shirt that I got in my grab bag. While some people have offered up trades, unfortunately there have not been anything that I have been interested in.

Others have gone ahead and offered me money for the shirt. Some have even offered me twice the list price.

As a fan of the shirts, and even a bigger fan of the artist, I will not allow myself to profit of someone else work. So in the interest of fairness, here is what I am going to do...

Tee fury sent out a coming attraction e-mail earlier, and I saw three topics which I know I will be interested in. When the facebook page is updated with the new design, I will basically post which shirt I am interested in. the first person to respond will get the shirt.

You order the shirt of the day, with it being shipped to me, and I will send you the owlnaut shirt within 24 hours of order comfirmation. Basically, it is a second chance for you to order the Owlnaut shirt.

I hope I am not breaking and rules on the site, as I want this to be as fair as possible, not just for the customers, but for the artists, and the great people at TeeFury as well.

Damn, I'm long winded.

See you in 25 minutes.
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    204 weeks ago
    If anybody has an "El Boba" in XXL that they want to trade with me let me know. LOL
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    204 weeks ago
    I think this is a GREAT idea!
    I love both shirts. I, however, am in a pickle with rent. A mistake was made by the other half and it cost us an extra 50 bux.
    I really need to find a way to get an extra few bux a month.
    600 bux a month is so very hard to live off of.
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    203 weeks ago
    I'll ship el Boba to you for Owlnaut. Email me your address. DataLifePlus [@] gmail [dot] com.
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    203 weeks ago
    Done and Done. Thanks! We can delete this thread now. lol

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