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rss 219 weeks ago
... a women's XL? I'm a very thin girl but I hate tight girly shirts so I usually get a men's small. Is it about the same or would I drown in it?

I'm asking because I'm considering a trade at

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    219 weeks ago
    I meant to say that I know the measurements are similar but I'd just wondered if anyone had actually tried the two on to see how they compared.
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    219 weeks ago
    I think I accidentally got a men's during a grab bag, as it says Med. but is many inches wider. It still looks ok but is loose versus snug.

    Something that's worked for me: lay out a shirt you feel fits nicely in a baggyish way on a flat surface making sure it's not scrunched, put measuring tape straight across the fullest part of chest from one side to the other of just the front, and compare your preference number to 18 inches.

    I hope this was helpful and not me over-advising without meaning to, as it's a lovely character flaw of mine :).

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