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rss 214 weeks ago
Hey Teefurians I have a question for you.

During the last half year I bought several of your shirts (at least 10 I guess).
Unfortunately all of them (or at least most of them?) show some odd behaviour at the backside bottom seam after they have been washed for one or two times.
The problem is, that they "roll themselves up" at this seam. This doesn't look very good as you can imagine.

I made a picture of it - unfortunately it's quality isn't that good. But it should give you a clue about what I'm speaking:

What am I doing wrong?
I wash them like all my other shirts at low temperature. I don't iron them (maybe I should? :p)...
Is this a known issues? Anyone else got problems like this?

Thanky ou for your response
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    214 weeks ago
    I get the same problem with most of my limited edition tee buys (I have around... four from teefury and another three from ICHC) I think ironing would help.
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    214 weeks ago
    I get that tons with my concert tees. It normally happens when I let them dry like that (I hang to dry). Starch or ironing has solved this issue. (I would suggest ironing the tees inside out- I find the prints lasts longer)
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    213 weeks ago
    I usually dry them in the tumbler so it shouldn't make a difference.

    Well I tried ironing them which seems to work.
    But the question is: for how long. It seems that the shirt I ironed yesterday is already on it's way to roll itself up again.

    The whole thin is a bit extraordinary anyway since I never before had to iron any T-Shirts in my whole life ;)

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