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rss 228 weeks ago
Hey all,

I got my grab bags today, and I'm fine with them, but I think others really want the AT-AT x-ray one (which I have in men's small), and I'm looking for a couple others. I really really want a Argylesaurus in men's medium or small, but I like the whale/ship one, the Plumber,King Pong, Monster Chain, Koopa troopa, and many others. I also have a men's small Fly Alfredo Fly which I'm trying to trade. Basically just make an offer.

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    228 weeks ago
    I'll buy it! hit me up: [email protected]
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    228 weeks ago
    hey man. sorry I haven't sent payment yet, I'm on vacation and it's my birthday! can you email me again with your paypal address? thanks!

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