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rss 230 weeks ago
This probably a pointless post and mods can delete it if they want...

But I just want to say how impressed I was with my first order from Teefury. I ordered The Soylent Green shirt and was fully expecting to wait at least 6 weeks to see it, (I live in Western Australia) but it arrived on Friday 19th after shipping on the 12th so just 7 days door to door.

From ordering to shipping only took about a week too so kudos.

Shirt quality and sizing are excellent as is the quality of the print. Very impressed.

I can't wait for my delivery of the grab bag if this is the quality of the product.

Once again top stuff, I am a convert.

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    230 weeks ago
    This is the kind of post I love to see, thanks for sharing :)
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    229 weeks ago
    Me Hopes Your Grab Bag is Tough!

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