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rss 230 weeks ago
I just want everyone to know. WinterArtwork, I LOVE you. I freakin' love you. "Only You Can Protect the Island" arrived today and I am more than thrilled. It is the greatest shirt I own...thank you for putting together SUCH an awesome 'L O S T' design!!!
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    230 weeks ago
    awww man wow what a great compliment! thank you!

    I'm sooooo glad you enjoy a tee designer it's all I could really ask for

    with last week's episode the phrase "Protect the Island" takes on a whole new meaning!!

    still waiting on my tee to arrive tho...I actually live on an island so it takes a while for stuff to get here :(

    PS - I'm shopping around to get this printed elsewhere so if any of your friends missed out stay tuned to my blog for updates!

    thanks again Amy!
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    230 weeks ago
    Oh I hope it gets printed again! I absolutely loved the design, but missed out on it. Keep making great shirts, WinterArtwork!
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    230 weeks ago
    WinterArtwork said:

    Sweetness. I will bookmark your blogspot.

    I would gladly wait longer for awesome tees to arrive if it meant I didn't live in Phoenix Arizona anymore. :'p

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    229 weeks ago
    I will piggyback on the props to you, WinterArtwork. My "Only You Can Protect the Island" shirt arrived just in time to wear during last night's action packed episode of island antics. My friends will be so envious when they see me wearing this shirt to our next L O S T viewing party. Go Team Jacob!

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