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rss 312 weeks ago
Not to put too fine a point on it, but I agree that making the shirts available to those of us in other countries would make the experience of visiting your wonderful site much less painful. The price of mailing the shirt is something people understand you don't control, I would definetly pay the going rate for shipping via ground. Woot is somehow able to do this for $5.00
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    312 weeks ago
    Great comment - we found out we can ship pretty cheaply ($5 range) internationally through Fed Ex International Mail Services (FIMS) - but it works like Fed Ex smartpost - basically Fed Ex ships the product to the local countries postal service - and the local postal service finishes the transactions - result? LONG wait times for product - like 4-6 weeks I think.

    So if we did international we HAVE to have a faster option so we commit to getting an international solution up in the next two weeks - sorry for all the pain in the mean time - there are going to be some insane designs this week!

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