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rss 236 weeks ago
I recived my t-shirt on new years eve and tried it on.
And its huge. Feels like an 3-4XL shirt.
Can someone measure one XL t-shirt and one 2XL t-shirt and post the numbers here so i can compare.

I got another t-shirt from Threadl**s in the same size,
and it fits like a glove. If you compare the size charts on the websites they should be aboute the same, but the truth is different.
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    236 weeks ago
    They are different brands. You can't compare. One is slim fit and one isn't.
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    235 weeks ago
    My bad if i was missunderstood.
    I wanted somone to mesaure XL and 2XL t-shirts from Teefury.
    So i know if the XL fits me or if my 2XL was bigger then usual.
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    230 weeks ago
    I'm too lazy to measure mine, but the XL's are too tight on me and the XXL's are too big. Plus the Alstyle fabric is so thick that I actually sweat in them. They don't breathe as well as American Apparel, Hanes Beefy Tees, Gildans, or any other tee that I have.

    I agree with you that the size charts are for Voyager. Ignore them. Just think of these Alstyle tees as halfway between a "normal" tee and super-fit American Apparel.

    However, I'm still tempted several times a week. Today's I'm liking a lot.
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    230 weeks ago
    Oh! I see what you did there! Let's just say Teevil substituted "Voyager" for a certain negative adjective.

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