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rss 250 weeks ago
Hey guys

I recently purchased my first grab bag and got 3 shirts,
two of which I'm not very fond of.


(#6 cowboy bird riding the lightning)

Looking to trade them for other Men Large t-shirts.
If you're interested in either let me know which one you have.
I love alot of the designs and it would be too long to list all the t-shirts I like. So if either strikes your fancy, send me a mgs or reply to this thread. Thanks!

P.S. both t-shirts are completely new and unworn. Just got them this morning :)
Oh..I'm not interested in the Omnibus 2 offense to the artist.
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    250 weeks ago
    hiya, i only hv the following Men's Medium for trade:
    - Furyous Omnibus 2, No. 5 by DXTR, Charcoal color tee
    - Furyous Omnibus 2, No. 6 by Andy Pitts, Navy color tee
    - Teevil Omnibus, No. 24 by adam vaudin , Charcoal color tee

    i dun mind getting the tee for "For the People"...
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    250 weeks ago
    put them up on that is the best place for trading shirts

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