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Zombie Bus
"Zombie Bus"
I've been a teefury user for a little bit, but I'm just getting in graphic arts and tee-design.

I'm thinking about getting a design printed here at some point if I can, so I'm looking to see what the teefury audience appreciates in design.


P.S. view my art blog at
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    255 weeks ago
    bad link, sorry

    portfolio here:
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    255 weeks ago
    I looked at the portfolio and I like that your style seems to be unique. I especially loved the lego movie! Anyway, I think the above design is good. I personally wouldn't wear it but I think there is a big zombie following out there so you might have a chance.
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    254 weeks ago
    The biggest suggestion I have is to be careful with all of the gradients you use. They don't translate very easily onto something printable.

    That said, I love the color schemes and wild ideas.
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    253 weeks ago
    I'm a little confused about what's happening here.

    I can say that there are way too many colors for a screen print - even simulated process (which I don't think TF does) would make this look muddy muddy muddy.

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