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rss 247 weeks ago
Hi folks. Just letting you know that I'm now taking preorders for the third printing of my ZOMBAMA: BRAINS t-shirt that was featured here on TeeFuy several months ago. Many of you missed out on it the first and second times, and demand has remained steady, so hop on over to my webstore over at Big Cartel and preorder one asap. I'm not going to print much more than the amount I get preorders for, and the shirts will be printed within the next couple of weeks, so if you want one get it quick! Tell your friends, foes and arch-enemies, and stock up on Christmas presents for the whole fambly!

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    246 weeks ago
    Oh, and I'm selling them for 2 bucks cheaper this time. Also offering XS for the petite ladies and XXXL for the fatty daddies.
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    230 weeks ago
    Looks like I missed it. That shirt was the reason I found Teefury in the first place. I saw a guy at a 4th of July parade wearing it, and immediately came home and Googled it. Any plans for a re-reprint?
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    229 weeks ago
    socks that you sold out on the larger sizes, I really wanted to get one...

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