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rss 248 weeks ago
My first tee print goes on sale this Thursday at teefurycopy. While I realize the design isn't for everyone, I'm still excited for it. You may remember it was an entry in the Black & White Derby at Woot last year.

I also wanted to thank MJ for turning me on to teefurycopy. The thing about Teefury peeps is that they're not just looking out for themselves -- they're genuinely helpful and nice people. As a TF community member, I can say it's much appreciated.
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    248 weeks ago
    MJ is solid! Ugly love is certainly not ugly either :)
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    248 weeks ago
    Can't agree more about MJ. I guess it would help if I linked to the site where it's for sale. You can get it at teefurycopy today only.

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    244 weeks ago

    I missed a RABBIT T-shirt!?!?!?
    Man, I gotta check out these forums more often... *sigh*

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