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rss 265 weeks ago
Hey guys,
I do most work in ballpoint pen and struggle with trying to colorize it while in photoshop. I create new layers on top of the drawing and use options like overlay and color, but the image always looks muted or grey and pixelated by the time im done. Any suggestions?
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    265 weeks ago
    Take your ballpoint pen design and use levels to clean it up to be fairly dark.

    Put that on the top layer. Turn it to multiply.

    Then paint on a layer underneath it in whatever color.

    Top layer of ink should just remain black.
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    264 weeks ago
    Install Gentoo
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    260 weeks ago
    Sorry for the delay, but how would I make that black layer of ink into a color? Like I want to turn my ink drawing into a blue drawing.
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    260 weeks ago
    If you have Photoshop, the directions Jimiyo posted will work.

    If not, what program are you using?
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    260 weeks ago
    One way you could try to do so is select the ink layer, then mess with its saturation and hue settings.

    For example, if the lines are super dark, you could invert them so they are white, then go to Image>Adjustments>Photo Filter and you can select a color and place the Saturation of that color onto the now white (from the invert) lines... Click preserve luminosity off though to give it a really saturated color...

    Or you could go to Image>Adjustments>Hue/Saturation and crank up the lightness til the black lines are a greyish color and slap the Photo Filter onto it that way, rather than the invert.

    I'm sure there are other ways to do so, but usually I rely on the PhotoFilter option to place color into a grey image. You could just try to crank saturation to the max and see if it'll pick up on any color, as most scanned images usually do contain a hint of color (opposed to being strictly absolute black, or desaturated)

    I hope that helps a little and wasn't way off the mark from what you were asking to do...

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