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rss 252 weeks ago
Im starting a new design, and I'm just wondering what other people beside myself like better. I sketch my drawings and then bring them into illustrator. Now heres the question. Do you prefer a clean smooth looking design or a rough sketchy look.
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    252 weeks ago
    Depends on the subject matter and your own personal preference... my style is animation-inspired so I do everything I can to get smooth, clean lines- in fact, most of my tee designs use modified beziers that just look like pen-and-ink. But obviously there are a ton of artists whose work looks better with that grungy linework or even naive-art doodle style.

    So yeah... there's no simple way to decide, go with whatever you think is appropriate.
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    252 weeks ago
    I prefer clean lines, but I also learned how to draw in Macromedia Flash.
    Either way looks good when printed.

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