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rss 253 weeks ago
Hey kids, I just put up my first DBH design the other day, wanna help make it REALITY?


Then CLICK HERE --> Yes, Here!
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    253 weeks ago
    Your style is rad, dude!
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    252 weeks ago
    Thanks! Doesn't seem to be getting anywhere on DBH, but I'll be keeping it in my repertoire!
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    252 weeks ago
    i left you a comment on mysoti because i happened to stumble upon it, but in case you didnt get it, i voted on dbh and teextile whenever i saw it. we all struggle a little, youll get printed
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    251 weeks ago
    nice one!

    I always wonder how lots of amazing art get completely ignored on DBH and anothersite!

    Thank goodness for TF :)
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    249 weeks ago
    I just stopped by to say that I think your id shot of Spock with handlebar mustache made my day. I am a woman of simple humour.
    Thanks and good luck with getting printed.

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