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 Stark Forecast on light tees

Stark Forecast on dark tees

Help! Which Game of Thrones “Stark Forecast” design should I submit to TeeFury?

The version (first image) that goes on light tees ie Silver, Sand & White.


The version (second image) that goes on dark tees ie Navy, Black & Charcoal.

With thanks :)
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    21 weeks ago
    if you want the gOT to be instantly recognisable the light colours are probably better, if you want it to be more puzzling and insider like, with contour art being more of the focus go for the second, if I may add my other two cents worth though:
    I would maybe add a little more text - Make The Wall and Winte is coming more readable by largening or a slightly alternative typeface and then you could add like The Red Wedding or something to a high pressure field for example
    alternatively double over the contours as battle forces like an east gale representing lannister forces with a westward hurrican as daenerys or something
    I don't know - I'm probably over thinking it, but either way I would enlargen the already existing text a miniscule....
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    20 weeks ago
    I disagree - the aspect of this shirt that is the most important the main gag if you will is the fact it's a weather map.

    I think the light variant works better as a shirt, where as the dark is truer to the weather map concept.

    I not sure I can be too helpful in tweaks to make it look more weathermappy.

    I say submit both - let minds greater than our own decide.

    The artwork is top class - I look forward to seeing more.

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