Enterprise Rent-A-Starship
Enterprise Rent-A-Starship

Enterprise Rent-A-Starship

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From the Artist

Tell us a bit about this design and what is the message or meaning you're trying to convey.
First made the connection with 'Enterprise' and a few days later the tagline came to me in a moment of divine intervention. Sometimes ideas just unfold beautifully.
Who are you?
NomadSlim. I'm a real life nomad who needs money to buy a truck to transport my home (an old travel trailer). So if you like my art, please buy it! Thanks so much.
Any shout outs?
I learned more about art by submitting art to sites like TeeFury than I did in design school. My first ones sucked really bad. If you want to do something, you don't need college. Be stubborn and learn just by doing it. I believe in you.

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