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TeeFury is dedicated to emerging independent artists and it shows. We take care of, and treat every artist with the respect you deserve. We're the perfect platform to debut your new pop-culture inspired art. If you have a design you'd like us to consider, please submit using the fields to the right.

What’s In It For Me?

Earn money

$1 USD commission per shirt sold in 24-hours.
$2 USD for Gallery & Shoes.
$3 USD for Leggings & Skirts.

Build a Fanbase

We’ve got a huge following of 500,000+ fans
with over 100,000 visitors daily, and for
24-hours all eyes are on you.

Keep Your Copyright

We license the rights to debut your design,
then roll it into the gallery after 24-hours.
You keep the copyright. Simple as that.

Submission Guidelines

Easy as one, two, three, four.
  • 1. Tees have a 7 color limit, 12x16 inches max (12x13 max to include all Youth sizes) Halftones should be 55LPI. No color limit on posters, shoes or leggings.

  • 2. Submissions should be 640x800 pixel mockups, under 500kb. No transparent PNGs.

  • 3. Avoid using the garment color as part of your design. We provide multi-color options. We print specialty inks when it makes sense for the design.

  • 4. Using copyright or trademarks in your own work is discouraged by TeeFury. If you choose to do so, it must be in such a way that that is considered "fair use" or a way that qualifies as another permissible use. Be aware that “fair use” typically applies in limited circumstances and may result in TeeFury rejecting such art.

    TeeFury acts in accordance with DMCA Notice and Takedown procedures when a complaint has been received.

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