These are mostly common sense, but please read them if you have any questions about our policies.

Keep it on-topic (at least for 2 hours)
We're asking that the conversation stay on-topic and about the shirt that is for sale for the first two hours, at a minimum. I think this shows respect to the artist, and allows him or her to get feedback on their work. For example, in the first two hours, posting that the shirt reminds you of a movie is fine. Posting that you just saw a completely unrelated movie is not.

Criticism should be constructive
When you comment, if you criticize it is a MUST that your criticism be constructive and kind. It is encouraged to let the artist know if you love their linework, but think one area is confusing or has a color combination you don't like. It is a deleteable offense to leave unhelpful and generic comments like "This looks like something I could buy at the mall" or "Boo" or "Not buying" - give more feedback than that.

Respect other posters
Everyone at TeeFury, whether they're a forum poster, artist, or curator, is a human being deserving of basic respect. It is absolutely 100% unacceptable to insult or demean members of this community. If you disagree with another member, respond to their opinions and counter them politely, but never attack them as a person or as a group. It is okay to disagree, and no one is right all the time so please give each other the benefit of the doubt.

This is a family-friendly site—keep it PG-13
Our goal is to make this site a place where people of all ages can discuss art and design, and just plain have a good time. So the front page has to remain a safe zone where everyone feels comfortable, and that means no racism, sexism, homophobia, etc and definitely no images that exceed a PG-13 rating (when in doubt, don't post it). This includes avatar images!

Don't promote other sites at TeeFury
Whether you really like another t-shirt site or hate it, TeeFury is not the appropriate place to discuss it. That means you shouldn't link to other t-shirts on the front page (if you have a copyright concern, email service), announce when other sites have sales, or post in the forums that a former TeeFury design is now available at a direct competitor. Advertising and spam are also prohibited for any kind of product or service.

How your comment matters
If you are posting in long comments in ALL CAPS or in ways that break the formatting of the site, your comment may be deleted. We also ask that you avoid large images. This is because those types of comments are very difficult to read and negatively affect other people's enjoyment of the site.

Say it once and only once
Don't post the same comment every day, or multiple comments on the same day ranting about the same thing. A better solution is to make a post in the forums. The front page is for that day's shirt, not your personal gripes.

Word filters
Yes, we have them. It is done automatically, some filtering out curses or other outlawed behavior and some just for fun. There is a specific thread for testing the word filters, so don't do it on the front page. We also ask that no one post what the word filters are on the front page- at best it is repetitive, and at worst it results in outlawed behavior.

Treatment of artists
It is not fair to accuse an artist of plagiarism unless you have compelling evidence. If you can't find proof but are convinced anyway, email us and we'll look into it privately. No matter what the circumstances, though, it is not okay to use TeeFury to attack artists. This includes gripes about past designs, perceived attitude, and personal life. And even if you dislike the current design, it is not appropriate to make demands or threats toward the artist to convince them to make designs you like better.

Teevil warning
Teevil warnings mean that you have broken the rules. Some rules (like our spam rule and racist language rule) may result in immediate banning. But for most offenses, you will be warned by Teevil beforehand. Here's what the warning looks like:

That image will replace your post if you are being warned about your behavior.

The rules may be updated by staff at any time.