Child of Mandalore
Child of Mandalore
Child of Mandalore

Child of Mandalore

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From the Artist

Tell us a bit about this design and the message or meaning you're trying to convey.
This is all about that guttural gritty feeling we all get from the almighty bounty hunter. I was just a kid when I watched Episode V, but it sure was all Mandalorian love at first sight.
Who are you?
I'm just that elusive guy designing stuff from a really dark post-nuclear silo somewhere in the very middle of the Iberic Penninsula… ok, an attic in Madrid. But It can get really dark at night.
Any shout outs?
To all artists out there doing great things everyday, including supporting other artist out there. To my beautiful family for their infinite support and love. To everyone enjoying and supporting my art, you rock!. To the TeeFury team for printing me, thank you guys!

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