Xenomorphic Beauty

With his terrifying, yet darkly erotic visionary artwork, Swiss born artist H.R. Giger has inspired legions of admirers. His 1977 publication of “Necronomicon” featured a collection of his paintings that integrated surreal mechanical shapes with morbid gothic beauty. Movie director Ridley Scott greatly admired Giger’s paintings, and knew he had found the designer to create his monster and set for the 1979 movie, “Alien”. Giger brought to life the nightmarish dark tone that Scott envisioned, and gave sci-fi movie goers an unparalleled theatrical experience. Giger won an Academy Award for “Best Achievement for Visual Effects” for his work in “Alien”, and since has set the bar high for his contribution to the sci-fi/horror community. His recent passing has caused us at TeeFury to take pause in remembrance of this brilliant artist’s legacy, and to reflect on creative impact that will forever remain in the hearts of his fans.