True Tee Detective

Conspiracy theories and peculiar oddities have plagued the TeeFury Headquarters recently. Bewildering talk about Carcosa, a spaghetti monster, and a yellow king have spiraled around like an eager black hole consuming our existence. Our Art Department can’t seem to make sense of it, and so have enlisted the help of artists Austin James and Jason Cryer to do some true detective work. Will they uncover the truth? Let’s find out:


Statement of:
James, Austin
I wanted to do a design that I felt captured the entirety of the story without giving away any specific moments. The framing of the detectives is made up of iconic images consistent throughout the show. In regard to the color scheme, the yellow acknowledges the Yellow King juxtaposed with blue, representing the law. The inclusion of the stars I felt was very important and I’m sure Rust would feel the same way.
Feels weird explaining this thing so literally but I love talking about anything related to this show!

Statement of:
Cryer, Jason
With my design, I really wanted to capture the show’s atmosphere, textures and (especially) it’s opening titles. The branches, to me, suggest the corruption and darkness these characters descend into on their journey. The hand-drawn details were meant to evoke the cult artwork, but stay away from being too overtly horror-themed. I don’t know if any of that stuff comes across, but that’s what I was going for! Ultimately, I just wanted to pay homage to one of my favorite new shows. March 20th, 2014…

Additional thanks to Drew Wise for the nifty title cards.

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