Too Many T-Shirts? No Such Thing.

by Amy Ratcliffe

A new age is upon us, internet users. We have an abundance of limited edition and affordable t-shirts at our fingertips, 3765746343_2a5c68893d_oand it can be hard to resist their siren call. TeeFury is beautiful and dangerous in that way. Eventually though, you’re going to reach a point where you find yourself rearranging your drawers and wardrobe space. You may try to rationalize all your tee purchases. Not to worry though, you have more options than just wearing a newly acquired t-shirt as is.

T-shirts are simple to alter into fancier attire. If you’re crafty and have the power of a sewing machine at your side, you can make a t-shirt into a dress. There is a plethora of YouTube how-tos to help you. Most sites have shirt options that are fitted for females, but if you happen to have some XL guys’ shirts, this video shows an easy way (no cutting or sewing) to wear them as cute strapless dresses. To change up the style of your t-shirts, try books like 99 Ways to Cut, Sew, Trim, and Tie Your T-Shirt Into Something Special.

I love the idea of making a t-shirt shrug like this one from Cut Out & Keep:

unnamed (6)

And honestly, you don’t even have to wear the shirts. If you’re catching a shirt on sale, it’s less painful to modify them for crafting. Go through your stash of tees and make a pile of ones you haven’t worn in more than six months. You can transform them into tote bags, t-shirt quilts, pillow cases, handkerchiefs, aprons, scarves, or even a laptop or e-reader case. There’s even a tutorial on how to repurpose your shirt for your furry friends. Heck, you can even frame tees to make a cool display.

No idea what you’d do with so many items? They make perfect gifts for friends. Finding new life for your older shirts will give you new accessories and conveniently makes room for new t-shirts. It also proves you can find a use for all your shirts and therefore, you don’t have to stop buying them.

Just the t-shirts make great gifts, too. I like to keep my pals’ interests in mind when I look at TeeFury’s offering each day. If I see something that features Doctor Who, for example, I know just who would like it and I can buy it and save it for a special occasion.

Finally, if you’re not the crafting sort, I still recommend sort your t-shirt collection on a regular basis. If there are any tees you’re not wearing, you can donate it to a local thrift shop and pass the geeky treasure on.

See? No such thing as too many t-shirts. I’m an enabler.



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