This One Hits Close to Home

By Tom Kurzanski

Growing up, Egon Spengler was the Ghostbuster to whom I could relate. Venkman was the player, Stantz was the dopey geek, Winston was the everyman voice of reason. Spengler embodied the socially awkward, book smart individual: the deadpan wallflower with no filter. I’m no genius parapsychologist, but I saw myself in there.  I built my own PKE meter from an old battery tester, put together a makeshift proton pack from a backpack and old toys and made mini movies with my sister and my friends. I immersed myself in books, mythology, comics, and art. I grew up and continued to pursue my passions, outsider or not, without regret or remorse. Egon helped me to understand that I could be included, be part of a cohesive whole, and do something with meaning without having to conform to what society dictates as “normality” and made me laugh while doing it.

Harold Ramis was a remarkable comedic writer, director and actor. His humor seeped into our collective consciousness and helped many of us embrace our inner geek. One of our classic TeeFury designs “Trap Them All” by the outstanding artist Scott Derby (nakedderby) is a fitting tribute to the man and the character. I hope you agree.


Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 3.10.53 PM

  • SteveOramA

    I’m right there with you, man! Great post!

    • Tom Kurzanski

      Thanks, Steve.

  • LadyLoki

    Awesome post. My heart broke when I heard the news and is still healing. This is one amazing shirt was well!

  • Skerri

    His death hit close to home. Fellow nerd, comedian and similar auto immune disease that took his life. I’m honored yet fearful, to say the least. Acceptance is difficult, but company eases the pain.

  • Fonder of Riddles

    Fantastic post and tribute. Monday’s news shattered my heart and it’s still in recovery. Egon was so important to me for all the reasons you listed. Being the booksmart nerd of the group was suddenly the most important role; that sort of acceptance shaped my life. I’m so glad you all brought this shirt back. Thanks again.

  • Dave

    Please re-print!!

    • teefury

      It’s not in our gallery available for purchase. Click the photo above and it’ll take you directly to the gallery shirt.

  • Dymphnasis

    Great post. My thought was NO RAMIS, we want more!!! It was such a selfish response. He gave us so much. He was quietly involved (acting, writing, directing) in so many films we loved! His was that understated brilliance. A Marx Brother for this generation. Rest and rest now. You will missed by so many and you will never be forgotten.

    • teefury

      His death was such a bummer. Comedic geniuses like him are in rare form. Really, we lost a good one.

  • Terry Barnhill

    Great post. His death hit me the same way as my childhood was very similar to yours. I have that shirt and love it.

  • act_on_love

    I always thought of Egon as the sexy Ghostbuster. Ramis contributed so much to our culture. I hope that wherever he is, the streams are crossing in his honor, and he’s enjoying the resulting mayhem.

  • Matt

    This article is really good, but I hope you’re ashamed of those last two sentences.