TeeFury, The Gallery, and You

Something interesting happened here at TeeFury. See, we have this gallery where we keep some of our really popular past designs that were brought back by you, the fans.¬†Wait, the fans brought them back, but how? Well, fictional person I’ve created, let me explain.

Josh is Confused

Every single design we’ve printed is up on the gallery page right when it goes live. The difference is that you aren’t able to buy it from the gallery until we ‘officially’ add it there. So, what’s the point of keeping them in the gallery? That’s where our audience comes in! We leave them all there so our fans can vote on the designs they like best and then bring those shirts back to life. Fun Fact, we’ve pioneered t-shirt regeneration technology. Don’t bother looking it up, just trust us.

Ok, now that you know how the gallery works let me tell you why we’re all so shocked. Designs typically get voted on for months and months until we see the demand and bring them back. Remember, I just said months and months, not days. For the first time in TeeFury history we saw 4 shirts get so many votes that we brought them back less than a week after they ran. That’s pretty awesome for both us and the fans.

What are those shirts? Glad you asked, same fictional person from earlier. Here they are:

Untitled-1 Untitled-2 Untitled-3b Untitled-4

With all this information now tucked away in your brain wrinkles (I assume that’s where info is kept…I’m no scientist, don’t judge me) you should go to the gallery and vote up designs you’d like to see again. We also want to take credit for creating the first shirt democracy, at least I think we’re the first, I didn’t do any research so just trust me.




  • Nichole White

    Would love a sale on gallery shirts!!! Even if it was to just pick them up for the special $11 that they sold for the first time. Sometimes when a shirt goes on sale, I don’t have extra money to spend…….

    • Candace

      I totally agree… i’ve missed out on some great shirts because Im broke

    • teefury

      Gallery sales, huh?! Maybe one day…

  • ShirtWearer

    Damn, I still don’t know how the gallery works. Still confused and not understanding.

    • teefury

      One day we’ll finally explain it all out.