TeeFury Staff Picks (A.K.A. All Out War)

You’d think that working in an office like TeeFury’s would be a fun environment for something like a staff pick promotion. Well, dear reader, let me tell you that it wasn’t. Here is a tale of how the TeeFury Staff Picks became a grade A Meltdown.

It was a crisp January morning when we decided to do the promotion. Everyone was excited to let the world know what our favorite shirts were. The whole team all told each other what we were going to pick and there was peace in the Tee-kingdom.

But then, shots were fired. Our marketing director announced that he would be picking Bad Landing. That alone was met by head nods and light clapping, but, when the clapping died, a subtle chuckle could be heard in the crowd.

The whole room became silent and we pretended to not even hear it. Then the laugh became louder, and louder, and it became so loud that no one could avoid staring at our marketing coordinator laughing hysterically.

He announced that he thought that choice was lacking to his. He had picked Damn Fine Coffee and proclaimed its superiority. That was what changed everything. Then the art team chimed in and declared a unified decision of X-Agents and You Win or You Die. How could anyone compete with that? Nearly impossible.

Customer service announced they would go more pop culture with Barf’s Space Balls and A Story of Astoria. Somehow, suddenly, there were battle lined drawn in the carpet around our open floor office. Insults began being hailed at one another and somehow a plush Star Wars pillow got thrown. It was then we could see that we were taking this way too far.

After we picked up the pillow and had a good hug session, we realized that fighting over our favorites was pretty pathetic. The whole office went out for hot chocolate and realized that staff picks of 2013 is about you, not us.

Ok so this story is only 30% true but we’ll let you decide which 30% that is.