TeeFury Plays Video Games

We live in a pretty amazing world currently. Fifty years ago I don’t think people would assume that jumping sprites on a television set would become a multi-billion dollar business that runs parallel to the film industry. But, unsurprisingly to millenials, it has. And finally your favorite pop culture t-shirt company is going to be playing games on the internet for strangers to watch. This is basically huge news.



All kidding aside, TeeFury is really excited about what’s going to be happening at Midnight EST Thursday, March 13th. One of our amazing customer service reps, Clevagurl, has designed a shirt with the wonderful, and devilishly handsome, Drew Wise. It’s a collaboration that feels so good it must be mutant. (Nailed it again!) But we tell you this to tell you that we are going to be live streaming on Twitch and doing lots and lots of giveaways and flash contests. Our artist, Clevvagurl will be in house (Mostly because she works here) playing games and streaming the whole thing.

TF_ComingSoon 1110x630

We’ve never done anything like this and thought it would be something different. It’ll be done on Twitch which is where we’re told all the cool kids are doing this! There’s going to be lots of ways for you all to interact and we definitely have some surprises up our sleeves. 24 hours is a lot of time to watch but trust us, there will be something awesome around the clock. Maybe we’ll do some yoga? Maybe we’ll just give away shirts? Maybe we’ll finally tell everyone that Teevil is a 50 foot monster hellbent on destroying the world? Who knows! Well, we do, but you need to tune in to find out.

Check out our twitch channel and follow us on there. Once we go live you’ll get to experience the awesomeness and hopefully be entertained. Plus we’ll be giving away a ton of stuff. So there’s that too. Yay!

Also here’s tomorrow’s shirt! (Now the mutant comment makes sense! Yay!)

Screen Shot 2014-03-12 at 3.51.58 PM