TeeFury Panel at SDCC

Comic con was a real blast this year and the TeeFury staff had so much fun meeting a lot of our fans! We were so honored that hundreds of folks found our staff members and got sweet swag from us.

There were, of course, lots of you who couldn’t make it San Diego this year and for you we have our entire SDCC panel up on Youtube! You can watch the entire thing here and it almost feels like you’re at Comic-Con. Well, ok, maybe not really but you can recreate the feeling by wearing a badge around your neck, feeling sweaty, buying a collectable online, and maybe stare at a picture of Tom Hiddleston. That should do it.

Feel free to watch this as many times as you’d like and get all the awesome Artist secrets that were shared at Comic-Con!

For more info on the artist follow the links below:

Joebot (Joey Spiotto)

Karen Hallion

Bamboota (Crystal Fontan)

Otis Frampton

  • Italiux

    Awesome guys, thanks for sharing!