TeeFury is Hiring!

TeeFury is looking for a qualified person to fill our needs!

Job Title: Bird Massager

Job Description: Teebird needs to be constantly (yes we mean CONSTANTLY) massaged. We are looking for someone available for 100 hours per week to be his personal masseuse.

Minimum Job Requirements: Applicants must have the following

  • Masters Degree in Ornithology massage
  • Black belt in two martial arts
  • Ability to Fly
  • Has to love long walks on the beach
  • And PiƱa Coladas
  • Must be willing to commute
  • Fun loving attitude desired
  • Has to constantly bring the funk and the noise.

Desired Requirements:

  • Ability to transcend all of time and space
  • Hook up at a good donut shop

We really hope you apply to TeeFury! Our employees are treated with “respect” and you’ll get lots of “breaks”*. Take a look at Kyler showing off how much fun he is having:




*there is no respect given or breaks.

  • http://www.facebook.com/HelpUsAdoptandGrowOurFamily everimprovingme

    I just saw these blogs and I love them! They really make me smile. This one makes me wish I could fly because if I could have the kind of fun Kyler is having I just don’t know if I would ever want another job. Keep up the great work Kyler!