TeeFury Guest Post Series: TV and Film Review


By Stewart Scott 

If you’re reading this you’re more than likely about to press the back button up in the corner of your browser window there (yup, that’s the one…) to head off and buy yourself a delightful shirt with your favourite character on it. Or, maybe, a shirt with some clever one liner from the best TV show ever, well, either that or you’ve just come off the back of dropping the best part of your pay cheque on a whole bunch of them and are looking for some justification (don’t worry, you made the right decision!). But as much as I love all manner of pop culture inspired outfits there are always times I think; “damn, I wish I had something to show my love for *insert nostalgia trip here*”.



And that’s exactly what I want to talk about here, moments from our past that we care about so much that we want to share them with the world in what we wear. Now don’t get me wrong, I love something current as much as you do, just try and keep me from that Game Of Thrones and Community merch. But I imagine it’s not just me who likes to be reminded of those gems that made you so happy in your younger days. Take a look through the Gallery on the TeeFury site and you’ll feel like you’re walking through your childhood bedroom. Whether it’s reliving your glorious and hard fought victory (or victories, let’s be honest if you splayed one you went on to play all of them) over Ganon in Legend Of Zelda, lamenting all of those hours you wasted on your GameBoy with Pokemon (wasted?! Clearly I mean invested!), or going back to those Saturday afternoons when you marathoned Dragon Ball Z even though you’d seen it twice already from start to finish.


OK you caught me that was all last week…But still, there are a million other characters from my past who I’d love to see make a comeback in T-shirt form (or pog form) whichever is more popular with the kids these days. I’ll start off with the one who inspired me to write this, Earthworm Jim! That groovy space freak managed to eat up weeks of my life in the 90’s between the addictive, but infuriating, Super Nintendo game that I’m pretty sure everybody owned. Plus Earthworm Jim is a surprisingly well ageing cartoon that, if it aired today, would rival Adventure Time. I want everyone to know I’m a 90’s kid, and a super nerdy one at that, and who better to be the ambassador to that genre than this guy:


Last up are the unsung heroes of the video game world. While we all have fond memories of Mario and Link and Pikachu, I want to see more shoutouts to some of the cult heroes of 90’s video games. Let’s see, maybe some Banjo-Kazooie revivals or Conker’s Bad Fur Day mashups? Everybody loves Kirby and Yoshi (probably because they kicked ass in Super Smash Bros.), so let’s give them some shirts. And let’s not forget Fox McCloud and his crew of incompetent and very annoying animal wingmen.


Like I said, we all love current pop culture icons, but there are times when you just want to regress a little and show off what your childhood is all about. Besides, aren’t we all still big kids at heart?


You can find the author, Stewart Scott, on Twitter – @TheStewDog

He’s also the  film editor at TvandFilmReview.com