TeeFury Artists Get Saturday Evening Fever

From the Golden Age of Illustration

Do you remember when covers of printed magazines were mostly hand-illustrated? Do you remember printed magazines? Before I go proclaiming anything is “dead” or make any broad proclamations about the future of media as I type this in my non-analog typewriting gadget, one thing is for sure: the classics remain a strong influence to modern illustrators. Whether it’s Norman Rockwell, or J.C. Leyendecker, these masterful painters’ strokes captured so much life, they continue to inspire and with their influence emerging in modern wearable mediums (and print versions too! Be sure to see the artist’s contest below)

Hot off the Presses

One of the first (and deliciously fitting) transformations from a classic into pop-culture gem was “Doctor Rockwell“. It lived in our Gallery for a short while, but audience voting has demanded accelerated regeneration and it’s now available for Timelords every when and where.


What Kind of Bird Are You?


To the untrained eye, today’s TwoFury battle may seem like a strange pairing. These originals harken to a bygone era of Americana, but in the hands of today’s artists, they transcend their original tangible forms. One is brought high above into the clouds of Columbia and another into the always-night land of Halloween.

Let’s get to know a bit more about today’s designers! Please welcome the first TeeFury printed design of Mark Dos Santos who defltly illustrated today’s “Freedom“.

Hello Mark! Please tell us a bit about this design and the message or meaning you’re trying to convey.
The image was originally a Christmas present. My girlfriend is a fan of the game and had requested an Elizabeth. We are both huge JC Leyendecker fans so when I saw the original image it’s based on, I thought it would perfectly show Elizabeth’s dream of escaping. The role reversal of Songbird being the prisoner and Elizabeth watching over him was poignant. Plus it was fun to draw a tiny, cute Songbird.

Where are you from?
Originally New Jersey, but now I inhabit North Hollywood CA.

Songbird vs. BigDaddy: which would win the battle?
I have to root for Big Daddy.

Describe your favorite shirt that you own, and why you like it so much.
Right now it’s a Jurassic Park shirt from Universal Studios Hollywood. It’s really comfortable. I am usually wearing it when I travel.

What inspires your work?
Tea, lots and lots of tea.   

Any shout outs?
My studio/life mate, Autumn.

Suiting Up for the Season

Next up here is Stephen Whestine, aka Onebluebird. His work spans many fandoms and include fare for Whovians (with or without minons), friends of the forest, and seekers of certain thrones.

Welcome back!
Please start by telling us a bit about this design.
When I was growing up and studying art, I fell in love with J.C. Leyendecker and his cover work. His paintings and illustration work was so animated and styled in away that it appealed to me. So, when I started working on a series inspired by him and his playfulness as well as his time period, I wanted to find a subject that appealed to our modern times. Pumpkin King, of course, popped into my head after I thought about a sophisticated gentleman. That is what Leyendecker did so well, making characters that you wanted to be if you lived during that time period. The Mirror design was a perfect piece to play on the idea of the Pumpkin King looking at himself getting ready for the day and night he was about to have. I hope you all enjoy this design and please follow me for news and further designs in this series. Thank you for the support.

Do you find more inspiration from traditional print media or online?
I love collecting books, graphic novels, and also art books, so I will always get lots of inspiration from those types of media. Over the recent years online communities have grown with the amount of amazing artists and creators out there, so those have slowly become my main space for inspiration, whether it be sites like ffffound or the growing community of artists on Instagram and Pinterest.

Any advantages to either?
I think the advantage of print is that is can give you a textual and physical way to study art and learn how things print and how styles will read and feel on a product. It’s a lot harder to get that with digital.
Digital on the other hand allows content to reach large amounts of people and ways of communicating either through motion design or interactive methods of art and communication. Digital also allows artist to create imagery faster in some cases and to experiment with styles they might have a harder time doing with with traditional methods.

In this wired age, what analog tools (if any) do you still use?
I hand draw almost every piece I do, see attached image for example. I plan out my sketches and refine them and then take it to the computer for final color and edits. I use animation pencils along with a drafting pencil to do my layout sketches. I also use a type of animation paper which I can use with a lightbox to play with my composition before doing my final sketch on a nice paper stock.

PKingVery cool process sketch!
Do you have any personal favorite painters/artists?
My favorite artist would be Chris Ware, James Jean, J.C. Leyendecker, Norman Rockwell, Olly Moss and Tara McPherson to name a few.

Thanks to both fine artists today! For a chance to win a print of today’s Pumkin King design, follow the artist’s instructions below!


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