TeeFury 2.0 – The New User Guide to Our New Site!

We’ve recently launched the new website and we hope that you all are liking the new design. This website has really opened a lot of doors for us at TeeFury but it has also been causing us some new found problems. Most of you are already aware of the issues from the site and have been graciously reporting bugs to us whenever you find them. We are so grateful that you guys care enough to do that and it really speaks highly of our fans who want us to be our best. What we’d like to do is use this blog post as a way of keeping everyone up to date with our bug fixes and where we are with the new site. Also, we’ve included some of the major changes that are happening on the website as of now. Please feel free to take a look, report bugs in the comments, and stay awesome.

What’s new in the new site?

  • Logins are no longer with username but with Email addresses or Social Logins

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.34.36 AM


  • You can now see your past orders and comments in your profile page! We are currently collecting all data but you’ll be able to see your past two months of history on your profile now.

Screen Shot 2014-07-29 at 10.48.55 AM


  • You can also now like products that you may want to check out later!



So that’s all the newness that we have for you now but don’t worry, there will be more in the future.

Below is where we’d like to talk about some of the Frequently Asked Questions we’ve seen from our new site. We know there are bugs and here is where we will list out the ones we have fixed and ones we are fixing. Feel free to leave us comments below telling us any new ones you’ve found or email [email protected] to let them know directly. We’ll be checking both the email and this site frequently.


Why isn’t my order history available in my profile on the new site?
- We are currently still in the process of transferring over customer order history from the old website to the new one.
Having a problem viewing the site?
- Try clearing your cache in your browser history.
Why does my order history show my package is being shipped to a different US state other than what was originally entered? (Also applies to international packages)
- Not to worry! When orders were being transferred over the new site, it auto selected a US state. This will not change your original shipping address.
How do I contact Customer Service?
- Visit our “Contact Us” page here (https://www.teefury.com/contacts/) then type in the issue. If your issue isn’t answered you can create a new ticket. This ticket will be sent to customer service.
Why is my full name displayed when I leave a comment on the homepage?
- We are currently aware of this issue and are working with our engineering team. Eventually, your username will be displayed the comment section.
If I come across an issue on the website, how can I get it fixed?
  • Trishamiss

    I have to say, I’m very impressed with the new website! Being able to see my Order History is GREAT! Especially when you order all the time. Seeing that Order History really shows how loyal you actually are. And no more searching through my emails thinking “Hey I thought I ordered a shirt, but I don’t remember seeing an email” Now I can just login to see if I actually did order that shirt I was eyeing really bad.

    Now with all these changes I really hope you will soon implement some sort of Loyalty Program. Order so many shirts get one free, or 50% off, or something! Reward our loyalty in some kind of way! :)

    • teefury

      Loyalty program, eh? We just might be doing something similar soon…

      • Trishamiss

        In that case you have me waiting patiently, I can’t wait to see what else you roll out!

  • Michael Gmirkin

    So, where did the option to “vote to bring this design back” option go? Sounds like “Liking” a design isn’t necessarily the same thing? Is that option no longer available? Has it just not been added back to the new site? Are old votes still registered?

    Will you continue to bring back tees for permanent or limited re-runs? Or is that over now?

    There are still quite a few designs I’d insta-buy if they ever came back: Dean, Mean Green Mother, Hylian Nouveau, Falko Folklore, and a few others.

    It would be cool if “old” tees that didn’t previously have color options could maybe have some color options if they get brought back again…

    • teefury

      Michael, the like is actually the same as voting! I know it doesn’t feel like the same thing but we promise it is. If people like a design enough then we know it’s something we should bring back.

      And we will still be bringing back old tees!

      • Michael Gmirkin

        Hmm, were old “votes” ported over to new “likes” or do I have to go back through and re-“like” everything? if I have to, I will. But I was pretty exhaustive, before… ;)

        I ask mainly ’cause I’m pretty sure I had “voted” for Dean to come back on the old system, but didn’t see it on the new system. I’ve ‘Liked’ it now. Maybe I’m just mis-remembering. Dunno…

      • Anne

        When I go onto “My likes” under my account, nothing shows up, even though I’ve liked more than a few things. Why is this?

      • Michael Gmirkin

        Need a method to ‘like’ designs directly from the gallery, w/o having to open each one in a new tab in order to like it then close it again…

        Don’t see one. Get on that? ;) Since I apparently have to re-like everything I previously ‘liked’ since it didn’t port over from the old ‘votes’? *Sigh*

  • Shneidz14

    Hi, I like the new design but where have all the comments gone? Can’t see the equivalent of this comments section anywhere on the site?

    • teefury

      Are you wondering if the blog comments are the same as the main site comments? Thanks for the question!

      • teefury

        Oh wait I get what you mean. Are you still not seeing the comments? They are showing up on our end. Let us know if you aren’t seeing them still :)

        • Shneidz14

          Ah I found out what the problem was! I use Google Chrome so out of curiosity I loaded Teefury up on IE (the only thing I really use it for lol!) and the comments where there… I realised it was my “DoNotTrackMe” extension on Chrome that was blocking something called “Gigya.” As soon as I unblocked that and reloaded the comments section appeared! Thanks for helping me find that out – I thought maybe you had removed them for the time being or something!

  • Sarah Edwards

    I’m assuming it’s a bug related to updating, but I have an order that got lost (shipped about a month ago) and none of my service tickets have been responded to (for over a week). I’m trying all methods of contact now.

    • L S

      Ditto, my credit was charged but the shipment never sent…this is illegal Their phone number is 949 273-6202